Monday, May 2, 2016

Introductory Radio Astronomy References 150613

"Essential Radio Astronomy" by Condon and Ransom (United States National Radio Astronomy Observatory), available as chapters in html format (with adjustable font sizes):
or downloadable pdfs:

Burke and Graham-Smith, "An Introduction to Radio Astronomy" third edition 2014:

Gary "Introduction to Radio Astronomy"

Wikipedia articles - can be downloaded in pdf format for offline study: Radio Astronomy Radio Sources Sun Solar Cycle Solar Flares

"The Solar Cycle" by David Hathaway 2015, 81 pages

Solar Cycle 24

Driel-Gesztelyi and Green 2015 "Evolution of Active Regions" 98 pages, 11 MB:

"Predicting Major Solar Eruptions" by Susanna Kohler

Magnetic field reconnections on the Sun Jupiter Jupiter Magnetosphere Juno Mission to Jupiter

Normalized radio emission of Solar System planets

Jupiter magnetic field


The solar and planetary radio astronomy literature is vast, many papers are published every year, you may search for them at: