Sunday, October 1, 2017

Introductory Radio Astronomy References

Last updated  171015

"Essential Radio Astronomy" Condom and Ransom
NRAO Learning Resources
NRAO Research Highlights

Radio Astronomy

Magnetosphere of Jupiter
Juno Waves Instrument

Juno Jupiter observations, examples and papers examples Juno Issue

Jupiter events at STEREO A and WIND for correlation with Juno Waves
More links to Juno related posts

Sun Earth Jupiter event posts:

Solar Cycle 24
"The Solar Cycle" by David Hathaway 2015, 81 pages
Driel-Gesztelyi and Green 2015 "Evolution of Active Regions" 98 pages, 11 MB:

Links to recent Solar Radio Science Highlights by Eduard Kontar

Solar Type Examples
Solar Dynamics Observatory - Now and Daily - Images Movies
NOAA SWPC solar reports with README description of their format:
Solar event reports

Eclipse 170821 Observations  Preparations Eclipse Party