Thursday, June 2, 2016

Links to Juno related posts


Jupiter events at STEREO A for correlation with Juno Waves 20160909

 The Radio Jove Project and Juno Mission at the University of Colorado in Boulder 

Jupiter events at STEREO A for correlation with Juno Waves 20160725
Spectacular European Southern Observatory images of Jupiter in support of the Juno Mission

A primer on Jupiter's clouds and what to expect from JunoCam

Juno Mission Control video during orbit insertion July 4

Video of pre arrival briefing today July 4 at JPL

9 days from Juno orbit insertion

"Into the Unknown" the Juno Mission "trailer"

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Juno Orbit Insertion Press Kit
PDF 84 pages 25 MB

Video of Juno Briefing at NASA Headquarters June 16

"Revealing Jupiter's Inner Secrets" by Fran Bagenal

About the French and International ground support for the Juno Mission

Juno Mission - a post about JunoCam by Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society

Juno WAVES instrument video narrated by Bill Kurth

Juno arrival animation video

Next July 4, the Juno spacecraft will arrive at Jupiter

The Junocam camera in the Juno Observatory

Kurth and 10 collaborators 2012, The Juno Waves investigation of Jupiter
JUICE mission to Jupiter

Two beautiful graphics from the Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets Group

Juno Magnetic Field Investigation - MAG Team at NASA GSFC

Juno Observatory Instrumentation - On its way to Jupiter, arriving in 2016

ExPRES - exoplanetary and planetary radio emission simulator

Juno launch 110805

Juno spacecraft preparing for launch in August, on a mission to understand Jupiter a little better

Juno Jovian Observatory in Titusville Florida

Goddard Space Flight Center Delivers Magnetometers for Juno Mission

Juno Armored Up to Go to Jupiter

Juno assembly started April 2010