Hercules A

Hercules A
Radio-Optical View of the Galaxy Hercules A - Many thanks to: NASA, ESA, S. Baum and C. O'Dea (RIT), R. Perley and W. Cotton (NRAO/AUI/NSF), and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Friday, March 1, 2013

130301 -- About 8 type III bursts at Nancay

The Nancay Decametric Array is a Beautiful Instrument, in nearly daily use since the late 1970s. It is much more sensitive than a 2 dipole array.

It has 144 conical spirals (conical helices, Tee Pees), split into two side by side arrays for right and left circular polarizations. The geometrical area is about 8000 meter^2.

Many thanks to the Taxpayers of France, and the Nancay Decametric Array Team at the Nancay Radio Astronomy Station of Paris Observatory.