Hercules A

Hercules A
Radio-Optical View of the Galaxy Hercules A - Many thanks to: NASA, ESA, S. Baum and C. O'Dea (RIT), R. Perley and W. Cotton (NRAO/AUI/NSF), and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

NenuFAR: The LOFAR Super Station project in Nancay

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Abstract: "We summarize the outcome of the scientific and technical study conducted in the past 3 years for the definition and prototyping of a LOFAR Super Station (LSS) in Nançay. We first present the LSS concept, then the steps addressed by the design study and the conclusions reached. We give an overview of the science case for the LSS, with special emphasis on the interest of a dedicated backend for standalone use. We compare the expected LSS characteristics to those of large low-frequency radio instruments, existing or in project. The main advantage of the LSS in standalone mode will be its very high instantaneous sensitivity, enabling or significantly improving a broad range of scientific studies. It will be a SKA precursor for the French community, both scientific and technical."